Why is Water Contamination a Problem?

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Filtered Water Is a Great Thing To Have In Yoru Home.

The water that you put into and on your body every single day is very important. If you are drinking or being exposed to contaminated water, you could end up sick or even dead in some cases. Water contamination happens when bad things mix in with good clean water. Items like bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and toxins are all part of that scenario. Below, we will answer all different types of questions about water contamination and why it is so important that you know what you are putting in your body. These issues can happen right inside your home. That is why we recommend things like backflow prevention, so that your dirty sewer water doesn’t end up coming out of your shower drain and getting all over you or contaminating your bathroom. We have all seen first hand what water contamination can do to oceans when things like oil gets poured in. That is essentially happening when our homes water gets contaminated, but to a much smaller degree. Water contamination and water pollution go hand in hand because once water ends up getting pollution in it, it becomes contaminated. In order to make sure that your water stays clean, make sure that you are staying up to date with all of your regular maintenance and also consider getting some kind of water treatment device to help with keeping the water in your home cleaner.

Common Questions About Water Contamination

What are the causes of water contamination?

The main causes of water contamination are from agricultural runoff. These, while helping to grow different kinds of agriculture, do not belong in your homes water. They contain things like fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful pollutants that can be dangerous to your health. Another way that this can happen is if there is water backup from a clog and it gets into your home or water line.

How is water contaminated?

Water can become contaminated in a variety of ways. Many of those days begin when the water is not even at our home’s pipes yet. Groundwater is open to getting pollutants in it and even products like gasoline or oil. Your city goes through steps to filter the water before it makes its way into your home, but it can still carry some of those discrepancies inside of them so you will always want to be careful what you are drinking or even have your water tested.

What are the effects of water contamination?

Water contamination can be critical to your health. If you drink contaminated water, you can begin to feel nauseous, throw up, develop a fever, or headache, and have cramping. If the contaminated water gets on your skin, you could also have a reaction as well.

How can we prevent water contamination?

Water contamination can be prevented in your home by having a water treatment system installed. There are so many different options that you can choose from so that you will always feel safe. You can have one installed to filter the water in your entire home or you can just choose one roof or one sink. If you commonly use the kitchen sink and even drink water from the tap, we recommend this as a great way to keep your home and body as safe as possible.

How can water quality be improved?

Always use cold water when drinking and if you are going to use hot water for cooking, make sure that you boil it. You can use filters right on your kitchen sink, that will filter out all of the bad that comes through your faucet. You can also get water heaters and softeners to help with the overall quality of your water.

What are the major contaminants in water?

The most common contaminants that are found in drinking water are bacteria, and different viruses. You can also find different metals inside of water as well that can contaminate it.

Can water contamination make you sick?

Yes, water contaminants can make you sick and they can give you long term effects as well. It is crucial to your health that you use filtration systems and that if your cuity says that the water isn’t ideal to drink, that you stick to bottled water if you cannot use a filter. If you commonly feel sick after drinking tap water from your home, you should call the city or your local plumber to test your water.

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Make Sure Your Water Is Tested If It Starts To Look Different.

Different Things That Can Contaminate Water

  • Bacteria
  • Soil
  • Detergents
  • Fertilizer
  • Chemicals
  • Sewage
  • And metals

If you feel like you need water filtration options in Leander, TX, make sure that you give Ozone Pure Water a call at 800-633-8469.We will be able to provide you cleaner water options for you and your family so that you can rest easy at night, knowing that you are drinking safe water that is free of contaminants.